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Is there a way to change a soot yield ?

Charlie Thornton:
You can change the soot yield for a custom reaction using the Soot Yield box in the Byproducts tab of the Edit Reactions dialog (see attached).

Did the Soot tab mis-lead you a bit?  How do you think we could make this parameter easier to find?

- Charlie

There is OK.

I have a next question.
What will happen, if i don't create the Reactions ? Only create the Vent and the Surfaces(Burn). What will be parameters of?

Charlie Thornton:
The way PyroSim categorizes surfaces, the only surface type that uses reactions is the "Layered" type.  If you use one of the other surface types (e.g. Burner), you'll get a SURF record in your FDS input file, but no accompanying MATL or REAC records.  If no REAC records are specified in the FDS input file, the fuel is assumed to have the same properties as propane.  For more information, you might want to review chapter 9 of the FDS Users Guide.


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