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Polyurethane combustion heat to simulate a car fire.


Good evening,

I am simulating a car fire in a parking lot.

Considering the following parameters.

HRR = 4,800 Kw,

For the "Reaction" section, I have considered that polyurethane is being burned.

--- Quote ---&REAC ID='POLYURETHANE', FYI='NFPA Babrauskas', FUEL='REAC_FUEL', C=6.3, H=7.1, O=2.1, N=1.0, SOOT_YIELD=0.1, RADIATIVE_FRACTION=0.35/

--- End quote ---

According to what I have studied, the heat of combustion can be calculated with the spreadsheet Combustion Calculator =

Then by copying the values of the products and by-products of the chemical equation into the spreadsheet Combustion Calculator,
I get a heat of combustion of 19,024 Kj/Kg which can be seen in the attached images.

But the problem is that I understand that the heat of combustion for a burning car must be between 24,000 to 26,000 Kj/Kg.
Does this mean that the polyurethane burner I chose in Pyrosim does not meet the heat of combustion I need?

Can someone provide me the correct chemical equation to produce the amount of heat of combustion as indicated in the standards (between 24 to 26Mj/Kg ?? ).

I hope your comments can help me.

Best regards.

Carlos P.


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