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Alberico Guerrieri:
Goodmorning guys,
I'm Alberico Guerrieri, I'm a student of Energy engineering.
I'm working with PyroSim for my thesis.

I have an issue and I hope that you could help me !

I'm trying to simulate a fire spread.
I had started from the source:
1) Add reaction -> Simple chemistry model -> I've inserted all the data related to a generic hydrocarbon.
2) Burner surface -> HRR per m^2
Till now everything have worked properly: SV (smokeview) displayed coerently the combustion process.

After I tried to define the other objects that should burn also with a delayed time:
3) Define a new material -> New material  -> Assumption that these objects are rappresented by a liquid fuel (same hydrocarbon of step 1) -> I put all the data related to this liquid, thermal properties and pyrolisis ones.
4) Define a new surface -> New surface -> Layered surface (correct ?) -> Material layers, here I put the material defined in point 3) with a certain thickness (I don't get which dimension I should consider along x,y,z of the 3D object ?)->Reaction, I specified that everything is governed by the material properties and allow obstruction to burn away.

What do you think ?
Is the procedure correct ?

Kind regards,
Alberico Guerrieri


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