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Author Topic: Specifying a Chemical Formula : Ammonia  (Read 510 times)

Daniel Park

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Specifying a Chemical Formula : Ammonia
« on: December 22, 2022, 08:47:58 pm »

Dear all,

Although Ammonia is included in Table 15.1 "Pre-defined gas and liquid species" of FDS User guide, I cannot find this in Pre-defined species of Pyrosim(version 2018) as attached.

1) Is this problem what I have only ?

2) Can I create Ammonia by specifying a chemical formula "NH3" as attached?? I'm not sure this reslution is exactly same with real Ammonia properties.. Because I have studied for Methanol vapor dispersion with two cases, but the results seem to be different; one is Methanol of Predefined species and the other is CH3OH, chemical formula of Custom(Primitive). Of course all other input are same.

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