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Positioning n occupants randomly over several rooms


Hi again,

If I select multiple rooms and add 10 occupants at random to them, I get 10 people distributed over the rooms. This is a nice feature as we are planning to simulate a high building with several 100 people and can simply say that 100 are at floor level and so on without saying how many are in which room.

But: If we start a Monte-Carlo simulation, the distribution of the people over the rooms stays the same. This means, if the room was empty in my initial file, it will be empty in all of the MC runs. The occupants are randomly distributed over the space in each individual room, but not over the rooms itself.
The image shows three MC runs as example, and the people are always distributed as 2-4-4.

Is there some way to get them truly randomized over the whole level of the building in the MC runs?



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