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Setting one OccupantSource for multiple rooms



we are simulating the evacuation in trains and stations. As there are several objects in every part of the vehcile and people tend to are created within the geometry, we use the polygon tool to create rooms for the free space in the wagons. Using only the free space is necessary, because we evaluate the data from FDS for each person and this would be 0 for e.g. oxygen when the head is in an obstacle. The train is very crowded and we use sources to spawn the people over some time.

The occupants do not use the closest exit of the station ("Any exit behavior"), but a distribution over the exits. Therefore, they tend to run into each other and take some time to navigate through the vehicle. For this reason, we added "invisible walls" with open doors over the full length of the wall and sliced the vehicle into several connected rooms giving the occupants more grid points/doors for searching the closest path with A* search (locally quickest path, see

But: Now we have to define many sources for the occupants as each source can only have one room attached. Is there a way to define something like: "I want rooms A,B,C and F with 100 people source (in total, not individual for every room)" and "the other rooms get 400 in total"? Or would you recommend doing it completely different?



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