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Author Topic: Having some difficulty with Control functions to control obstructions.  (Read 760 times)


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Hello all,

I am in the middle of creating a forensic fire scene reconstruction...I am an Inspector, not an FPE, but I am putting together a pretty realistic simulation. I have event times and and multiple doors that I want to open and close at precise times.  The doors were drawn in Autocad and have multiple pieces to them (door handles, molding, etc.).    I have written the Activation control codes and the when I run the sim, parts of complete doors are responding as appropriate.  The problem is that some of the obstructions, (even though they appear in the visualization/3D view) do not appear in the FDS code (when I look at the record view code)

When I am viewing the tree view and select one of these 'missing' Obstructions ... the 'model records'/record view does not find or show this obstruction.

Any thoughts...

Maybe this is some sort of bug that I have encountered?


Jon Albrecht

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Without knowing more about your model, I have to wonder if you are running into a problem related to rasterization. PyroSim converts model geometry to a series of rectilinear blocks in the manner preferred by the FDS simulator. It is possible that these smaller obstructions, such as moulding or door handles, become indecipherable from the structure of the wall as a result of mesh resolution limitations.

I've never linked directly to sections of our user manual, so I'm not sure this link will hold up over time, but I suggest reviewing Angled Geometry in the PyroSim user guide for some potentially helpful tips about how you can view rasterized geometry in a way that explicitly mirrors the presentation provided to FDS at the time of simulation.

If it is essential to your model that the "missing" materials are accurately represented, it may be necessary to further refine the simulation mesh. Feel free to contact if you'd like an extra set of eyes on anything.