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Room Capacity not reached


Robert Peart:
I am modelling fire egress from a floor where the occupants pass through a smoke lobby prior to entering the exit stair.  I have determined the maximum number of occupants in the smoke lobby is to be based on a density of 0.4 m2/person (55 persons for a 22 m2 lobby).  With people queuing at the lobby doors and people also queuing within the lobby to enter the stairs the lobby numbers never exceed 41 people giving a density of 0.54 m2/person (1.86 persons/m2). The 0.54 m2/person density aligns with the simulation parameter, under the Behavior tab, Max Room Density: 1.88 pers/m2. So I presume that user entry for specific Room elements capacity is overridden by the Simulation Parameter behavior settings.  Is there a way that I can set the Pathfiner model up so that chosen Rooms can fill to the requested capacity if the conditions are such that incoming occupants exceed the outgoing occupants.  I still want evacuating occupants to move at optimum flow conditions in stairs and corridors (1.88 pers/m2).


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