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Author Topic: Pathfinder sim. highrised building HELP How to create/plot/export Datasheets  (Read 1459 times)


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Hello, everyone, I have a huge problem.. it's my first time working with pathfinder.

I created geometry for a building and occupants and the visualization is working well but now to analyze the outcome of the simulation I need some Data and I already saw the data in "Results" "show summary file" but there is not enough information to analyze. So I researched and found that you can create a CSV file and import it into the result for example "doors.csv" but when I import it nothing is shown and I can not find the error. Did I skip some steps maybe? wrote something wrong? :'(

please Help!
If there is someone who reeds this in the next few days and has an idea how to solve that problem I would really appreciate it.  :-[
And much better would be if there is a possibility to settle this via phone call.


Bryan Klein

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It is difficult to tell what is happening from this screenshot.
Please send your model to and we will take a more detailed look.
Also, please see our support page for more information