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Author Topic: Real Playerpercent is still better for layups  (Read 102 times)


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Real Playerpercent is still better for layups
« on: December 28, 2020, 01:01:33 am »

It shouldn't have been a badge. The speed of this jumpshot should've been in the jumpshot founder like every other year. Because there is not any more badge, '' I hope they are gonna fix the bug for next year in which you equip a customized jumpshot, it mechanically unequips after every match, thats the reason I did not use a custom this season Buy MT 2K21. It is possible to fix it (or at least try). You need to purchase the base the shot that is generated is based from which will quit unequipping. Tried this and many different procedures, nothing seemed to work for me, but luckily Jumpshot 98 using HoF Quick Draw to a top 3pt rating and Ray Allen with Silver Quick Draw on reduced 3pt evaluation was working fine for me so I hadn't any interested this year in receiving a custom.

Themselves alter every day also. I have a PF that does not shoot so that I use Real Player%, therefore I don't fuck up layups but almost everyday I must select that setting again because my settings change back to default. It wouldn't help that is why I asked. I would like to create my Green % higher, not lower and it made sense that a faster shot would have a window, which I would not want. I thought this was a response to another comment I made.

No, you can't green using Real Player% at all but if you're shooting layups, close shots and post-hooks you don't need greens, they're very large percentage shots with no. Layups are occasionally hard to time plus Late/Early releases will make you skip a lot more layups than you'd miss otherwise, so using Real Player% is best for layups.

On my personalities that take, however, needless to say I use the lever since anything that is not right next to the basket it is really important in order to Green. I still set my Meter to"Shots Only" on them, though, because Real Playerpercent is still better for layups nba2king. You don't need to miss a layup that should've been a certain thing since you mis-timed the discharge and also Real Player percent you never will (provided that you don't have terrible driving layup).