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Author Topic: Is this a good program to simulate the flame front of a forest fire?  (Read 342 times)


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I just downloaded Pyrosim to use to help with a model for tracking forest fires. I've been trying to run simulations of a small fire front using vents with "burner" material type applied, but it doesn't seem to be accurately simulating wood-burning fire. I thought I entered in the proper values for both the reaction and the burner material, but getting good data for these has been difficult so it's a rough estimate at best.

The mesh also constrains the space for the smoke to rise up into and makes the model essentially simulate an indoor fire no matter how tall I make it. This makes me think that this program and FDS are made for simulating interior fires and not forest fires. Am I wrong about this? If so, could anyone offer guidance on how to get a better model?

Thank you in advance!