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Author Topic: Underground garage/parking - jet fans, car fire, reaction, mesh and blocks  (Read 1559 times)


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Hello, I am currently working on a model of underground garage with jet fans.

I have also plenty of other questions I would like to ask, I'm totally new to PyroSim, so:
1. I'm working with PyroSim 2015.3.0810. Do you recommend any specific FDS and Smokeview versions?
2. The garage geometry isn't so simple, but I created a simple rectangular mesh and used blocks to separate space outside the parking (like staircases, storage rooms etc.). Should I make multiple meshes (a lot of large and small meshes combined) instead? Which option will give better/faster results?
3. Can someone explain me step by step how to simulate a fire of 3 cars according to NEN 6098:2010.
These are the most important questions for now  :-[
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Dave McGill

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That is a very ambitious project for a beginner. I suggest you read Dan Swenson's notes on modelling jet fans.
Dave McGill