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Assigning two controls to an obstruction, hole etc...


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is a way in Pyrosim to assign for example a hole with two controls. My specific situation is like this: the holes are representing smoke vents on the roof. The hole is to be activated by either a heat detector (seperate detectors for each hole) or manually by the fire brigade which is modelled as an activation after a specific time. I want in this case to assign the holes to be activated either by the heat detector or after a specific time (all of the heat detectors do not acitivate before the fire birgade arrives)

Thanks in advance

Dave McGill:
There is probably an elegant way to do it with custom controls.

This is the inelegant way.
I'm assuming there is enough room in the roof to make duplicates of all of the vents, so that there are pairs. (I'll refer to them as set A and set B.

Have all of the set A vents activated by individual heat detectors.

Have all of the B vents activated at the same prescribed time.

At the prescribed time, when all of the B vents are activated, also create obstructions that block all of the A vents (whether they had been created or not).

That should be equivalent to what you want.


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