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Sprinkler-controlled fire

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Does anyone know how to run a sprinkler-controlled fire on Pyrosim, please?


There are several different approaches based on what you are trying to prove and what assumptions you are willing to make.

One way is to simply add sprinklers into the model and let them actuate and flow water.  However, you should research the possible shortcomings of this approach based on the ability of the sprinkler water droplets to penetrate the plume within FDS and also how FDS produces a fire.

Another approach is to run a model with sprinkler heads without water, note the time in which the sprinklers activate, and from that point forward make the assumption that the HRR remains constant at that value (terminates growth) for the remainder of the simulation.  This can be a very conservative approach depending on the fire you are attempting to model.

Okay, thank you for letting me know. I am running design fires. I've been asked to make a sprinkler controlled fire specified by the heat release rate and TAU_Q i.e. a t-squared fire.

In the first design fire, there is an open door which is 1m wide and 2m high in one of the walls within a room fire.

A further question;

How many sprinklers do you need to insert into a room fire model? Should you put one around each side of a room?

To respond to this and the previous question, you ultimately need to make these decisions based on appropriate engineering judgement while clearly stating the assumptions and limitations of your modeling technique and approach.

What is the purpose of this model?


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