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Is there a way to simlulate a growing fire, for example on a surface?

Example: I have a initial fire on 1 m2 with 250 kW/m2, and I want a "fast" growing fire (alpha). Its this possible??'

In FDS I think you have to define the size of the fire for different time. For example 1 m2 after 60 sec., and 2 m2 after 120 sec., and so on.

Charlie Thornton:
If you want your fire to get hotter, but don't mind if it stays the same size, you can set the heat release rate per unit area using a ramp.

Another option might be to keep the HRR the same, but enable additional fire vents as the simulation progresses.

Or, if you know a lot about the material you are burning, you could have put your faith in the flame spread model.

It sounds like you want to use a normal, fixed-size, burner with a T2 ramp-up time.  Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. I want to to use the same HRR (burner 250 kW/m2), but it must grow in size (m2).

Charlie Thornton:
If it absolutely must grow in area rather than HRR per unit area, then I suppose it comes down to using events to activate vents at prescribed times or to actually ignite the surface.  Do you have any data that you are trying to match against?

Vent Properties -> Specification -> Fire Spread
I thing it should be the answer to your question, you just need to specify Origin and Spread rate. The problem is that it doesn't work as I aspect :) I cant make it spread too :) of course it could be due to my weak knowledge... If i am wrong then what Fire Spread menu stands for?


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