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ERROR: VENT 1 must be attached to a solid obstruction


Smokevies tells me the following error:

ERROR: VENT   1 must be attached to a solid obstruction (CHID: Local_vo1_H2)

The "vent burner" is on an obstruction (slab) 20 cm thick.
What is the error?

Jon Albrecht:

It's impossible to know based on the description you've provided. Thunderhead Engineering provides a number of tutorials that help get you started in working with PyroSim and FDS. I'd recommend starting with them to familiarize yourself with the basics.


Jon Albrecht
Thunderhead Engineering

Dave McGill:

Ensure that the surface of the solid obstruction and the plane of the vent line up with the mesh, and that the vent doesn't extend over the edge of the obstruction or extend into another obstruction.



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