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Force Creature Template NatArm AC


so I found the Template "Force Creature" which was a +1 CR.
now in it's section about AC it say's:
The base creature’s natural armor bonus no longer applies, but the force creature gains a deflection bonusto Armor Class equal to the base creature’s natural armor bonus. plus the force creature’s Charisma modifier (minimum +0). (this last part about Cha bonus is not applicable to the question though.
so when I apply a buff like Barkskin or some natural armor enhace bonus.
does that change into a deflection bonus? and if not why?

Jon Albrecht:
It sounds like you are looking for forums about the roleplaying game, Pathfinder (

This forum is actually focused on our person movement and evacuation simulator, Pathfinder (

Good luck with your search. I'm sure your DM would be happy to help out!


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