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Author Topic: Aspirators in Pyrosim  (Read 582 times)


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Aspirators in Pyrosim
« on: July 02, 2018, 08:35:39 am »

Hello all,
I am familiar with most of the smoke detection systems in Pyrosim except for the aspirator sampler.  I generally understand what they do but my question is how do I place them?  I see an 'Aspirator Sampler' and a 'New Aspirator' option under devices.  From what it looks like, aspirators can't be placed unless there is a sampler in the model.  Do I need to place a single sampler in the model and then place aspirators in a way that I would place smoke detectors?  Does it matter where the sampler is in relation to the aspirators?

Thank you for your time,
Ryan Holmes