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Could not copy license file to Local License folder.


Charlie Thornton:
After installing PyroSim on Vista, this error prevents PyroSim from "seeing" the license folder.  This error occurs when the computer manufacturer set up junction points incorrectly.  The error dialog associated with this problem is attached (snap01.png).

To verify that junction points are really the problem:

1. In the Start menu, type cmd.exe and press Enter (this will open a command prompt).
2. Type cd \ProgramData (this changes the current folder to the \ProgramData folder)
3. Type dir /aL (this displays a list of junction points referencing the current folder)
4. Look at the "Application Data" junction point.  If the value in square brackets is not [C:\ProgramData] (e.g. [S:\ProgramData] as shown in the second attached figure), you'll need to manually repair the junction point.

To manually repair the junction point:

1. Open a command prompt with Administrator permissions (right-click cmd.exe in the start menu, and choose Run as Administrator)
2. Type cd \ProgramData (this changes the current folder to the ProgramData folder)
3. Type rmdir "Application Data" (this removes the faulty junction point)
4. Type mklink /j "Application Data" C:\ProgramData (this creates the new junction point)

A transcript of this process is shown in the third figure (snap03.png).

Now the the junction point has been repaired, PyroSim should be able to find the license folder.  Return to the PyroSim Licensing and Activation dialog, and attempt to activate your PyroSim license.  You should be successful (snap04.png).


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