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Need help for my firs simulation

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Charlie Thornton:
Unfortunately, I don't know the answer.  You may have more luck at the FDS discussion group:

It can be a good source of information about the capabilities of FDS.

I have found the answer :)
Starting in FDS5, the solid material can be given an ABSORPTION_COEFFIENT (1/m) that allows the radiation penetrate and absorb into the solid. Correspondingly, the emission of the material is based on the internal temperatures, not just the surface.

Charlie Thornton:
Hey, great, thanks for following up.  Maybe that mixed with TMP_FRONT will get heat spreading inside the pile?  It seems like the next challenge is to get the heat to spread to the opposite side of obstructions - but maybe the ABSORPTION_COEFFICIENT used with the correct BACKING option takes care of that.

i was able to make peat burn :) and made the simulation,
but not from inside, i applied 350kW ignition source on top.

Charlie Thornton:
Hey, great.  Does the heat spread down into the peat the way you think it should?

- Charlie


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