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Need help for my firs simulation

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I'm doing my firs simulation with PyroSim, can anybody help me with some answers? (I'm simulating peat burning.) If so please write me at i will explain the whole thing.

Charlie Thornton:
If you wanted to have a long talk about peat modeling right here in the forum, that would be wonderful too.

What is giving your trouble?  (I'm guessing material properties...)

- Charlie

Well it's a bit more complicated  than material properties... :) Ok, i'll try to explain everything in details:
Aim of my simulation is to simulate a fire of a peat burning which could have started from peat self ignition - exothermic chemical reactions. Peat is mound in piles in bins.
Any way, my biggest problem now is how to define a combustion, because if self ignition is possible (if not, ignition source can be applied) it would start in the lowest layers, and would spread in shape of 1/4 sphere. Burning should start from smoldering and later, when all of neighboring oxygen is consumed and consumption is faster then oxygen supply to reaction zone, pyrolysis will start. Main question - can i model such a situation with Pyrosim? Is it possible to create such conditions, that burning is starting in the middle of material and spreading in it, consuming oxygen and releasing smoke and heat? I have some more questions, so to be continued... :)

Charlie Thornton:
I haven't been able to find any documentation addresses this.  That surprises me a bit since I'm sure I've heard of peat fires and FDS before but I can't seem to find the reference.  I did try to put together a simulation where I had a stack of pine blocks and one of the internal blocks was a heater, but I wasn't able to get the temperature to propagate outward - probably bad material properties on my end.

However, I have located a picture of a peat mound, so, there's that anyway.

I still want to know, is it possible to make FDS with PyroSim in powder materials, according to conditions i have mentioned before(fire starts inside burning material)? If yes, what are the main parameters I should pay my attention?


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