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Author Topic: Occupant generation by room bug  (Read 1608 times)


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Occupant generation by room bug
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:39:49 am »

The occupant generation by room tool does not understand non-rectangular rooms correctly.
On very narrow (4ft) and angled rooms, it does not pack occupants efficiently. (see image)

I am simulating a seating bowl condition at a sports facility.
There is a pre-existing revit model that will be the basis of the geometry.
pathfinder will recognize the seating rows and create rooms from them.
orthogonal, rectangular rows work perfectly.
on oddly shaped rows, pathfinder does not add enough occupants (see insert in image)

I can split the row into 2 rooms and generate occupants separately.
However, the space is so large and there are so many rows that any bit of automation helps. (and any bit of extra work is multiplied many times over)