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Author Topic: HVAC components  (Read 1616 times)


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HVAC components
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:20:18 am »

I have two questions about HVAC.
The first one about the fan. In number of cases I ran, placing the fan in internal duct results in numerical instability, while placing the fan to one of the end-ducts resolves it. Is it makes sence to someone?
The second question about control of HVAC components. I have some air conditioner which is controlled by thermostat. I simulated it by duct with aircoil, when choosing the aircoil in the control function nothing happens but if i choose the duct instead of aircoil it works. I thought deactivation of duct will result in no flow but it seems it is not. Can you explain in to me please?

Thank you in advance,