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I'm dealing with Evacuation simulation.
In order to test the set-up before proceeding with the complete simulation it is very useful to enable and disable the fire meshes and evacuation meshes.
In "common" fds code this can easily be done by deleting the ampersand ("&") from the unwanted mesh line.
In Pyrosim that's usually correspond to "disable" the selected object. It usually works but that function has no effect on the meshes (it can be seen from the source code).
Do I have to change some settings or that option doesn't work on Pyrosim?
Thanks for the help

Charlie Thornton:
I just did a quick test with PyroSim 2010.1.0928 (32-bit) and I wasn't able to reproduce the bug.  My disabled meshes do not appear in the record view or the FDS input file.

What am I missing?  Do you want them to appear in the input file without the ampersand?

Well, I also did some tests and seemed that the mesh is disabled when there are no line codes that recall the mesh. Attached is my FDS file.
Moreove I'm trying to test a simulation with both a fire and evacuation but I only get a "severe" error message. I'm trying everything to solve the problem.
From FDS discussion it seems to be a bug. I also tried to modify the fds file (not through Pyrosim) but did not get the point...
Thanks for the help on those topics.

Charlie Thornton:
Ah, it's a dependency thing.  Under the hood, when you disable an object PyroSim removes it from the list of stuff that will be written to the input file.  However, for any item that is written out (e.g. a VENT), PyroSim goes back and identifies anything that used by that item (e.g. MESH_ID).  Anything that's needed by the records from the first list are added to the input file as well - even, it would seem, if it had been previously disabled.  This system was designed to avoid writing out the entire material library and to support the copy/paste system.

In this case, your obstruction and your outflow vent both use EVAC mesh, so it still gets written even if disabled.  Similar for FIRE mesh.

We should just never write disabled items and add a couple dialogs (at disable time, at file write time) to notify you if this is going on (i.e. Outflow vent references disabled mesh, you're simulation will crash.)

Charlie Thornton:
In your simulation, you should be getting:

forrtl: severe (61): format/variable-type mismatch, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Write

This is because your exit is a box, rather than a quad.  Changing "Min Y" to 0.3 moves us up to the following:

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

I haven't work out exactly what's responsible yet.  I suspect it has to do with setting the wrong combination of flow fields and meshes for the EXIT and EVAC records.  I also tried removing MESH_ID from your fire geometry and that didn't help.


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