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Author Topic: FireRisk - PyroSim and Pathfinder data analysis and reporting tool.  (Read 2556 times)

Ilya Karkin

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Dear Thunderhead Community,

We released first English FireRisk version -

Key FireRisk features:
1. Import data from PyroSim and Pathfinder to compare available and required evacuation time.
(The  critical  values  for  all fire hazards can be specified in file
C:\Program Files (x86)\FireRisk\DB\BlockTime.txt)
2. Automatically import slices and images from Smokeview.
3. Customizable in appearance and content of the Report (Ms Word).
4. Calculation of fire risk by Russian standards.
5. Unlimited number of scenarios

Quick start guide:
1.  In  the  properties  of  the  Scenario  select  PyroSim  (FDS) and Pathfinder files  for one calculation.
2. Click the Import button - all data will be loaded into FireRisk.
3. Select the "Calculation method" of comparison - Points or Field.
By  point  - the user must specify the appropriate devices in FDS (all hazards in one point) and doors in Pathfinder so the FireRisk will compare to these points are available and required time.
By  fields  -  FDS  and  Pathfinder  models should have one coordinate system,  then the program automatically compares the times in all grid points and calculate the probability evacuation fields.
4. You can view charts for all FDS devices and Pathfinder data, slices and images from Smokeview.
5. Charts and images can be added to the report.

Here is link to an example of a single-storey building and the project files for PyroSim, Pathfinder and FireRisk -

Also short video - (no sound)

I   would   like   to   present  this  software for all PyroSim and Pathfinder users, we can change  calculation methods or add any other features.
It seems to  me   the  good  point for start will be make post here on forum and invite  potential  users  to  discuss  FireRisk features...
The basic price for  annual  node-locked  license for FireRisk is $290, and you can you can ask Thunderhead Engineering about the possibility of buying licenses through them.

Best Regards,
Ilya Karkin
skype: ilyakarkin
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