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Author Topic: Block rooms for some occupants  (Read 2780 times)


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Block rooms for some occupants
« on: June 25, 2013, 08:07:44 am »


I am building a model of a five floor office building with an atrium. In the atrium there is an open stairwell (in addition to two closed staircases). All of the exits are placed on the ground floor.
When occupants from one floor use the stairwell in the atrium I want them to go all the way down to the ground floor. I don't want them to go into the office space in the floor below and start queueing in front of one of the other staircases.

I have split the stairwell in the atrium from the office space with a door in every floor. I can't delete this door because I still want the occupants on every floor to be able to use the stairwell.

I thought I could set different behaviour on each floor, add a "goto room" and "delete" the rooms I don't want the particular occupants to use (e.g. remove the cross in the check box for these rooms).
When I try to simulate I get the error ""goto rooms" cannot reach any exits".

Is there another way to specify rooms that some of the occupant cannot use, or am I using the tool "goto room" wrong?

I hope someone can help me with this  :)

Charlie Thornton

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Re: Block rooms for some occupants
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2013, 08:52:31 am »

In Pathfinder 2012, your best bet is to set up goto waypoints instead of rooms. The room list is the list of potential goal rooms (i.e. "go to room A or room B, which ever one is faster") and does not impose any limits on wayfinding. The waypoints are awkward, but they usually give enough power to get occupants past whatever threshold on the time calculation you don't want them to optimize.

Pathfinder 2013 (coming soon) will offer one-way doors which will likely offer a more elegant solution, but that is probably a month down the road.