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FAQ: NIST just released a new version of FDS, how can I use it?


Charlie Thornton:
NIST just released a new version of FDS that included some important changes.  When are you guys going to update PyroSim to use the new version?

Charlie Thornton:
If you'd like to start using the new version of FDS immediately, you can change your preferences to point to the newer version.

On the File menu, click Preferences...

The FDS Location box shows the location of the FDS executable currently being used by PyroSim.  To change this location, click the folder icon to the right of the box and browse for the new executable.  You can also change the location of parallel FDS and Smokeview.

Click OK.  The next time you run a simulation the new version of FDS will be used.

You can also use this technique to switch to a 64-bit or custom version of FDS.

- Charlie


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