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Author Topic: FDS Error Message when running from Pyrosim  (Read 4850 times)

M Hod

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FDS Error Message when running from Pyrosim
« on: October 31, 2011, 04:34:32 am »


I have just started using pyrosim and FDS, i have just created a the model in pyrosim that i wish to test, however when run the FDS simulation the following error message is displayed in the dialog box,

Starting FDS: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2010\fds\fds5.exe...

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

Image              PC        Routine            Line        Source             
fds5.exe           00419361  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

Starting Smokeview: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2010\fds\smokeview.exe...

Smokeview 5.6 - Oct 29 2010

Version: 5.6
Smokeview (32 bit) Revision Number: 7032
Compile Date: Oct 29 2010
Platform: WIN32  (Intel C/C++)

Smokezip file: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2010\fds\smokezip.exe found

Initializing Glut - initialized
Initializing OpenGL - initialized

Reading: KATY.smv
reading input file
   pass 1
      Reading device definitions from: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2010\fds\objects.svo
   pass 1 completed
   pass 2
   reading cad file: KATY.ge1
    Loading texture: Loading texture:psm_metal.jpg  completed
 - completed
      Loading textures: Loading texture:psm_metal.jpg  completed
 - completed
      Loading colorbar texture:  - completed
   pass 2 completed
   pass 3
   pass 3 completed
reading input file completed
beginning wrap up -

wrap up completed
reading: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2010\fds\smokeview.ini
reading: KATY.ini
clipping off

I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on this and help me resolve the problem.


Charlie Thornton

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Re: FDS Error Message when running from Pyrosim
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2011, 07:58:00 am »

Unfortunately, that particular error message conveys very little information. It tells us that the FDS process has encountered an (unknown) error and exited. This is relatively uncommon and I don't know of any issues with the current version of FDS that would lead to this problem.

To move forward, someone needs to delete parts of the model until it is reduced to the simplest possible form that still produces the bug. Once that's done we can find a way to work around the issue and we can send the reduced example to the FDS issue tracker so the team at NIST can address the bug in the simulator.

If you email your PSM file to we would be happy to help.