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FAQ: Can I get a discount on a license for educational/research purposes?


Ashley Riggs:
I am currently taking a class which involves conducting research about fire modeling. PyroSim would be the ideal software for my experiments. I was wondering if Thunderhead Engineering offers any discounts for people using the software for educational or research purposes?

Ashley Riggs:
Thunderhead Engineering offers free licenses for customers using PyroSim for non-commercial purposes.

To apply for an academic license of PyroSim, you or a representative from your university must fill out our application packet.

You can email or fax the completed packet to or +1 785 770 8511.

And what about Authorities responsible for Fire Safety, does Thunderhead Engineering offers any discounts for such institutions?

Charlie Thornton:
Unfortunately, no.  We don't currently have any sort of discount program for anyone other than students.

Maybe this is an oversight because we don't know enough about the field.  When I hear "Authorities responsible for Fire Safety", I only have a vague idea of who we're talking about - fire chief seems like a safe answer...  Primarily, my experience is with consultants (FPEs).  I've also met people who use simulation software to try to figure out what happened after the fact.  I've heard the term Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) used to describe the person that ultimately signs off on building designs (i.e. the person that the consultant must convince), but I've never really had a conversation with any AHJs.  Is that who we're talking about here?

- Charlie

I was talking about State Department responsible for fire safety -> Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), it could be a good tool as you say to help in great fire investigations, or list requirements in extraordinary projects when regulations are not covering the case. Anyway thanks for your answer, i understand.  :)


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