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Author Topic: devices and vents number  (Read 7080 times)


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devices and vents number
« on: September 11, 2009, 04:24:06 am »

Sometimes when I start a simulation I get some errors about a particular vent, or device, identified by his number. It happens, for example, when I disable a mesh which include this device and I forget to disable it too. But when you have a lot of devices or vents (these ones maybe inside different groups of objects) it's difficult to find the one corresponding to the number shown in the errors window. So my question is: is it possible to have in the next releases of Pyrosim the identification number of these objects just near the name, or maybe in their properties window? I think it would be very useful.
Thank you veru much.

ps: in a previous thread I read about a new Pyrosim version coming out in august. There are news about the final date?

Charlie Thornton

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Re: devices and vents number
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2009, 08:37:25 am »

We're hoping to have the 2009 version out on September 24.  We're doing testing and documentation updates now.  Depending on how testing goes it may run a bit longer. It looks like our release will be synchronized with FDS v5.4 so it should be a good simulator upgrade as well.  Depending on how the OpenMP version evolves in the next couple weeks, it could also be a huge improvement for users with multiple CPUs.

The new version will have a change that will make it a bit easier to find invalid records.  Clicking on text in the record view will cause the corresponding object in PyroSim to become selected.  For example:

ERROR: OPEN, MIRROR, OR PERIODIC VENT   1 must be an exterior boundary.

You could then click on the first vent in the record view and edit it immediately.  Now, if you need to identify vent 372 of 658, it'll still be annoying to count from the top.  I'll add your idea of a feature to "find the 43rd DEVC record" to our list of proposed features for the 2010 version.

- Charlie