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FAQ: Why is PyroSim asking for a password when I try to run parallel FDS?


Ashley Riggs:
When I run FDS from within PyroSim in parallel mode, it prompts me for a password and then won't run FDS. What password does it want, and how come it won't let me run the simulation?

Ashley Riggs:
The most common cause of this error is a PyroSim user not having a password set for their windows user account.  The MPI installation uses some networking features on the computer that are only enabled for user accounts that have a password set.  The easiest resolution is to create an account on your computer (or use your own) and give that account a password.  Then use this user name/password information to start MPI.  You will only have to type this once.  After the first time, parallel runs will launch without the prompt.  The user name/password information you give MPI does not have to match the currently logged in user information.


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