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 on: December 30, 2020, 10:41:26 pm 
Started by kazukikaze - Last post by kazukikaze
I'm planning to do a study on the effect of difference in temperature to fire & smoke behavior in a chiller room typically -25degC.

The model will be, a chiller room inside a big room so I want to model the chiller room ambient temperature to be -25degC and the outside room to be 26degC.

Is there any way to model these parameters?

 on: December 30, 2020, 09:14:33 pm 
Started by Tannazsh91 - Last post by velikan10
I'm not so sure but this was a great question. I was actually surprised to see someone ask about this. Usually, people talk about more popular topics, nonetheless, this was interesting. Lately, I've just been looking for online games I could download on my PC. I got to play kingdom rush because of this. There are plenty of game links out there for different games. You can download animal jam - play wild! game but this one seems to be better for kids.

 on: December 29, 2020, 09:08:37 am 
Started by Dapke36 - Last post by Vladma
I don't know what streaming is, but I really want to be a web designer or develop virtual reality in a company if anything, contact me

 on: December 28, 2020, 01:05:06 am 
Started by Amerzone - Last post by Amerzone
My advice: OSRS if you merely want a huge GrindScape, but RS3 is much more multifaceted and offers more options for people attempting to play with RS while also having lives and jobs. Afking and semi-afking is considerably more common and flexible at buy OSRS gold for when you can not necessarily devote undivided attention to RS, and there's also a ton of fun activities for when you would like to be engaged. I have not played into deep-game content in OSRS, but that is off of my experience with it I really do have, it's utter attention-demanding grindiness that drove me back into RS3, and on descriptions and advice I have seen from other people as well.

It would be best not to ask the community that game is better yet to attempt both matches on your own and decide on your own which one you prefer. So you do not need to buy both, A membership fee pays to get a profile for both games. If you ask people about this they will 100% give you their own biased opinions on it. After about 10 hours on the two games you are going to have a feel for which game you prefer and you can move from that point.

Now I am currently trying to max my OSRS account and simply started a HCIM OSRS on the side and actually enjoy it, OSRS feels so much more rewarding to me without the MTX and DXP weekends (months now it seems!). However, the two games are good for various reasons. RS3 is much more engaging and has much more enjoyable pvm content and combat platform - better for new players, and OSRS is a lengthier grind but feels much more rewarding - and better for original/nostalgic players.

I am thinking of checking out the articles that is new and trying to play with RS3 again though. Both are very good! I like osrs,but I think RS 3 gold is a much better match with more to perform rather than grinding (which is the fun of osrs) try out both guy! Hell,I believed classic was good when they brought it back a few years ago:P I have been playing for like 13 years so osrs is much more what I expect from runescape,but by no way makes RS3 a lousy game or RuneScape not really worth checking out,you may like RS3 alot better!

 on: December 28, 2020, 01:01:33 am 
Started by Amerzone - Last post by Amerzone
It shouldn't have been a badge. The speed of this jumpshot should've been in the jumpshot founder like every other year. Because there is not any more badge, '' I hope they are gonna fix the bug for next year in which you equip a customized jumpshot, it mechanically unequips after every match, thats the reason I did not use a custom this season Buy MT 2K21. It is possible to fix it (or at least try). You need to purchase the base the shot that is generated is based from which will quit unequipping. Tried this and many different procedures, nothing seemed to work for me, but luckily Jumpshot 98 using HoF Quick Draw to a top 3pt rating and Ray Allen with Silver Quick Draw on reduced 3pt evaluation was working fine for me so I hadn't any interested this year in receiving a custom.

Themselves alter every day also. I have a PF that does not shoot so that I use Real Player%, therefore I don't fuck up layups but almost everyday I must select that setting again because my settings change back to default. It wouldn't help that is why I asked. I would like to create my Green % higher, not lower and it made sense that a faster shot would have a window, which I would not want. I thought this was a response to another comment I made.

No, you can't green using Real Player% at all but if you're shooting layups, close shots and post-hooks you don't need greens, they're very large percentage shots with no. Layups are occasionally hard to time plus Late/Early releases will make you skip a lot more layups than you'd miss otherwise, so using Real Player% is best for layups.

On my personalities that take, however, needless to say I use the lever since anything that is not right next to the basket it is really important in order to Green. I still set my Meter to"Shots Only" on them, though, because Real Playerpercent is still better for layups nba2king. You don't need to miss a layup that should've been a certain thing since you mis-timed the discharge and also Real Player percent you never will (provided that you don't have terrible driving layup).

 on: December 23, 2020, 05:00:03 pm 
Started by Gary - Last post by JoanneFraser
I am sorry for being late, and that curious, but what do you actually needed this for? And another question, you want to simulate air leakage or maybe water leakage? As they are really different. A friend of mine, is working for a company that specializes in making windows and doors. So, his job consists from simulating all this kind of leakages and looking for the problems that could lead to this leakage. The company is really great, I got all the windows and doors from them, besides that, they can make Conservatories & Sunrooms Ireland , as I understood they are also some of the best in this.

 on: December 21, 2020, 09:06:11 pm 
Started by dbdbdb - Last post by velikan10
Hi, I'm new to the site and I was wondering this as well. I've been going around different sites just seeing things I could pick up on. Aside from that, I would go around different sites to download online games that I find interesting. I got to play toca life world which was really fun. I also got this pc version of among us and this is one of my go-to games to play with my friends. I really enjoyed trying out different games because playing games has made this lockdown somewhat bearable.

 on: December 21, 2020, 08:42:18 pm 
Started by anarchitect - Last post by Pedro
Well, I am also asking it to myself, glad that I'm not the only and actually stumbled on your post. Thanks for sharing the link, because I still got lots of questions. Anyway, I can also share some links here, that maybe you'll get interested too, I want you to check this game Among Us, very famous game that is always talked about, you can download the game online for free, or maybe this game Roblox, for a game like no others that can be played by whole family, a fun free game for everyone.

 on: December 21, 2020, 07:43:04 pm 
Started by seanmj98 - Last post by velikan10
I'm not really familiar with this sort of thing. I'm new to the site when I came across this post in the forum. I've been going around different just to see what people have been talking about. Usually, I'd just look for games I could download on my PC. Lately, I've been playing roblox onilne. This gem is great because there are just so many things you can do in the game. Your imagination is able to run free in this game. Prior to that, I would play blockman go a lot. This was another great game I enjoyed playing.

 on: December 21, 2020, 12:02:17 pm 
Started by qwerasdsf - Last post by byannko
This driver update is a godsend. Right after when I installed mobile legends pc, it made all the issues and bugs that I have been facing for the past couple of weeks disappear. It is as if they did not even exist like clash of clans. Looking at the change log I can see why this was called the miracle patch since it fixed almost all of the known issues that have been plaguing the software. This is such a marked improvement from the last driver update since that last one did absolutely nothing to address the issues being raised constantly by the consumers.

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