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 on: Today at 04:33:29 am 
Started by Niklas - Last post by Niklas

how to convert FDS notepad file into pyrosim file.

thank you

 on: Yesterday at 10:12:03 pm 
Started by JesseVoss - Last post by JesseVoss

I have run into a problem in evacuation time. In my model an Action Timer starts at 6:00 minutes of the simulation. But when it starts some agents got stuck at escalators. I have used an If statement for agent route selection when the evacuation starts. Does this statement produce the problem?

Please help

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 on: Yesterday at 10:10:18 pm 
Started by JesseVoss - Last post by JesseVoss

I am trying to upgrade my old site to use joomla and I am having trouble with my breadcrumbs/pathfinder working.I currently have a topmenu and then there are sub tabs under the top menu. Once they click on the sub menu item they will be taken to a page with a side menu. They will then use the side menu to navigate the section they are in. But when the click on a link on the side menu the readcrumbs/pathfinder start all over and just show the what they clicked on the side menu. Sorry this is really hard to explain.if you go to my site  (don't worry on offensive images or content its an instructional website) on the top menu click on free guide then beginners guide. The breadcrumbs/pathfinder will then say You are here: Home > Free Guide > Beginner's Guide which is good so far. But when u click on the side menu, for example you click on PE takes time under the Introduction tab the breadcrumbs/pathfinder will say You are here: Home > Introduction > PE Takes Time and completely takes out the Free Guide > Beginner's Guide instead of adding to it. Any suggestions on fixing this issue will be greatly appreciated. Is there an extension I can download?

Please help

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 on: Yesterday at 10:07:09 pm 
Started by JesseVoss - Last post by JesseVoss

my CDU does not work with PROSIM 1.40 release. I donwloaded latest texworks driver also. Prosim is not in the drop down list anymore.
I get the CDU running when it's in test mode. I also get this error message in the log file : 12/29/2014 3:30:53 PM ! FDS driver:Cannot bind board 03E80000007A.

Please help

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 on: Yesterday at 10:05:03 pm 
Started by JesseVoss - Last post by JesseVoss
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to install FDS fire dynamic simulator on ubuntu by doing the following steps:
1) I go to the home folder I open the file .bashrc and insert the following string:
### FDS and Smokeview environment
# Actual path to FDS folder
FDS = / home / Programs
echo "FDS setup ($ FDS)"
# Setting limits
ulimit -s unlimited unlimited
-v unlimited
# Setting executable and library paths
export PATH = $ PATH: $ FDS / FDS5 / FDS / bin
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH: $ FDS / FDS / FDS5 / bin / lib32
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH: $ FDS / FDS / FDS5 / bin / lib64

2) Within the package manager and install the following libraries:
lam-runtime and ia32-libs
3) reboot the pc

now when I try to get fds from the terminal write fds_linux_64 filename.fds
but tells  fds5_linux_64: command not found
anyone would know to give me a hand  I really do not know where to bang my head.

Please help

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 on: Yesterday at 01:32:49 am 
Started by SKulkarni - Last post by SKulkarni
Hi All,

Is it possible to put a single pressure drop value for a HVAC fan?

Also, is it possible to put a pressure drop across a hole?

Thanks in advance.


 on: June 19, 2018, 02:51:51 pm 
Started by rahuljindal.66 - Last post by rahuljindal.66
Dear All,

I am using the system of configuration which has 2 processors each has 6 cores (total 12 cores) and 24 logical processor. (see attached for detailed descriptions of processor). I am trying to run 2 simulations simultaneously, one with 17 mesh and other is 7 mesh and that's how i am trying to utilize my full computer capacity(24 logical processor). but when i start the second simulation, the first one get dam slow and takes 3 times more than what it takes when runs alone on the system.

As per my understanding there should not be significant effect on the first simulation if i am not exceeding the total number of mesh to the number of logical processor available. I am not able to understand the reason of this. I have been using FDS and Pyrosim since long time. but i have never noticed this before.

Can someone help me to figure out the reason and solution of this. This will be great help.

Thanks in Advance

 on: June 18, 2018, 03:35:54 am 
Started by Niklas - Last post by Niklas

Is there any option to split the mesh by setting axis values in split mesh. In my domain (10m*15m*22m), I want to split my mesh for parallel but I cant split at exact x=6, it's automatically choosing 6.23m or 5.96m.


 on: June 15, 2018, 02:53:48 pm 
Started by Afreen - Last post by jharbold

If this tutorial is too advanced, start here ( and learn what you don't understand.

 on: June 15, 2018, 02:51:34 pm 
Started by Niklas - Last post by jharbold
I don't follow.  Surface temperature is not used in this equation - Q dot is.  Further, there is a calculator at the bottom of the page.

Don't get hung up on what the perfect D* value is.  Perform a mesh sensitivity analysis to determine if your mesh size is appropriate.  If you do not know what a mesh sensitivity analysis is, I would recommend that you carefully read the Disclaimer of the FDS user guide and reconsider your use of FDS.

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