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Pathfinder / How to show 3d real human when simulation
« on: December 28, 2017, 10:54:35 pm »
How can set the human to 3d real human when simulation ? so now i only show cylinder , thanks

PyroSim / can't run 3d somke in simlulation
« on: December 26, 2017, 08:15:50 am »
HI , I can't run the 3D smoke for the simulation in pyrosim , the message as show below: can you help me ? thanks.

Starting FDS: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\fds.exe...

 Mesh      1 is assigned to MPI Process      0

ERROR: Simple chemistry fuel, REAC_FUEL, not defined on REAC or SPEC. (CHID: burner_fds)

STOP: FDS was improperly set-up (CHID: burner_fds)
MPI process      0 has completed

STOP: FDS was improperly set-up (CHID: burner_fds)

Starting Smokeview: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\smokeview.exe...

*** Error: Smokeview file, burner_fds.smv, not found

 Smokeview 6.4.4 - Jan 18 2017

 Version          : 6.4.4
 Revision         : SMV6.4.4-41-g0bdf8bd
 Revision Date    : Wed Jan 18 10:11:12 2017 -0500
 Compilation Date : Jan 18 2017 11:21:02
 Platform         : WIN64  (Intel C/C++)
Smokeview path: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\smokeview.exe
Smokezip path: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\smokezip.exe
Texture directory path: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\textures
Scratch directory: C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Temp\

Initializing Glut
Glut initialization completed

Initializing OpenGL
   *** GPU smoke volume shader failed to load.
   *** GPU 3d slice shader failed to load.
   GPU shader initialization failed
OpenGL initialization completed

Processing object file:  C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2017\fds\objects.svo
Object file processing complete

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