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PyroSim / Remote fire spread in a building due to radiative flux/temp
« on: July 15, 2017, 07:27:26 am »

Im really struggling with this model - can anyone assist please

Im trying to recreate a fire started by arson in a multiple storey building - fire started on level 1 and spread to level 6 via incomplete shaft which was sealed at level 6 by the ceiling. the fire ignited a considerable amount of timber stored at level 6 ( 2 m high stacks of doors etc) the ceiling height was approx 3 m. I can generate the appropriate fire size at level 1 which creates sufficient temperature and radiative heat flux for the timber at level 6 to ignite but can't seem to recreate the actually ignition of the timber at level 6. The fire at level 6 escalated to flashover in 7 seconds - ps level 6 is an open sided carpark

Please see the attached Pics = am i missing something ?


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