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Pathfinder / Importing .dwg plans - I can't see them
« on: June 13, 2021, 08:20:58 am »
Hi All,

I'm a Fire Engineering student and I'm teaching myself how to use Pathfinder.

I'm modelling a complex building with multiple floors.  I've already started to add some of my rooms on the lower floors and I now want to add another floor and import another .dwg file onto that floor.  but when I do this I can't see any of the .dwg plan. 

I've tried importing it into a new model and that works fine - so it's not the drawing.  I've tried adding it as a new floor and also deleting a floor I had already and imported it into that and neither option works.

I've already spent quite a few hours drawing all of my rooms, doors and stairs so I don't really want to start again.

Has anybody got any suggestions on what I can try?



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