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Pathfinder / Occupants hesitating on stairwells
« on: January 29, 2019, 02:20:05 pm »
I am having trouble with getting agents to move consistently down stairwells. I have a small group of occupants near a set of stairwells, and when I run the simulation, they will briefly move down the stairwells toward the exit, but then randomly stop halfway down them for no apparent reason. They will either become stuck, never moving, or occasionally, a nearby occupant traveling on another egress route will move near, somehow prompting them to move again, at which point they proceed normally to the exit. I have tried playing around with different door option cost factors, steering vs spfe mode with minimal effect. I have tried creating behaviors that "prompt" them to move (creating waypoints or "go to room" behaviors on the way to their exit) with no effect. This behavior occurs even at very low occupant densities, when there should be no interpersonal conflict. Additionally, I am not aware if this is a related issue or not, occupants will drastically prefer one stairwell over another, backtracking up one stairwell to go down a different one, even when there is no queue on the stairwell. FYI, the set of stairwells does include stairs both with and without landings, which I thought would explain the preferential treatment of one over the other, but this behavior occurs even when the "room travel time" cost factor is set to zero.
Apologies, but I cannot include the models due to confidentiality agreements on the project, but any available insight would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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