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Pathfinder / Tunnel evacuation
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:34:24 am »
Hi All,

I'm still exploring Pathfinder and not much experience user. In the exercise I'm currently undertaking, I'm trying to simulate evacuation from a train in a tunnel. The evacuation strategy is such that occupants evacuate from the outer rail tube where the fire is, enter the non-incident rail tube via cross-passages, cross the track and then enter their ultimate place of safety which is the designated area in the adjacent road tube.

I encountered 2 problems and was wondering if you could advise:
1. due to the difference in levels between the track level and emergency walkway (55cm), occupants have to use steps to leave the walkway onto the track level (grilles at level will be provided) and then climb back on the walkway on the other side of tube. At the moment I built small steps to simulate that, but was wondering if there is any way to simulate occupants jumping down 55cm.
2. when occupants enter the road tube they are considered to be in place of safety, therefore agents will disappear once enter final exit doors. Is it possible to still see agents dispersing in the road tube, beyond their final exits?

Pathfinder / Agents walking in the air
« on: June 12, 2010, 03:33:03 am »

I''m a new user of your software. I''ve managed to create some simple models succesfully before, but this time I would like to build quite a big arena venue. I already built model using 2D DXFs and I''m trying to run simulations. Before I run simultanenous evac from all levels I''m running sensitivity cases with each levels separately. I''m not sure what is wrong, but it seems that some of my agents are walking in the air where no path or room was generated. How is it possible?

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