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PyroSim / Help. Have a problem - fforrtl: severe (157).
« on: November 03, 2019, 08:53:34 am »
Hello everyone!
Today, after 3 days of model building, unfortunately, when I run a calculation I have got problem:

Code: [Select]
Starting FDS: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2019\fds\fds.exe...

 Reading input file ...

 Fire Dynamics Simulator

 Current Date     : November  3, 2019  16:43:12
 Revision         : FDS6.7.1-0-g14cc738-HEAD
 Revision Date    : Mon Feb 4 12:26:25 2019 -0500
 Compiler         : Intel ifort
 Compilation Date : Wed 02/13/2019  03:33 PM

 MPI Enabled;    Number of MPI Processes:      13
 OpenMP Enabled; Number of OpenMP Threads:     30

 MPI version: 3.1
 MPI library version: Intel(R) MPI Library 2019 for Windows* OS

 Job TITLE        :
 Job ID string    : CFDPC-HO-01-3

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source             
fds.exe            000000014625C093  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
fds.exe            00000001463225E3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
fds.exe            00000001460A937E  MAIN__                    590  main.f90
fds.exe            0000000146068D92  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
fds.exe            00000001468F6F09  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
kernel32.dll       00000000777D556D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
ntdll.dll          0000000077A3385D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

Starting Results: C:\Program Files\PyroSim 2019\PyroSimResults.exe...

Using properties file: C:\Users\cfd\AppData\Roaming/PyroSim/Results.props

What can I do to resolve this one and run a calculation?

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