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Pathfinder / Do I need to draw my own floors?
« on: November 21, 2018, 09:17:24 am »
Hi, this is my first time using Pathfinder other than the tutorial scenario so be patient!

I'm doing evacuation modelling for a 14 storey building with each floor different to the one below it. The .dwg files I've been supplied with are for each individual floor rather than one .dwg file for the entire building. When I import these into Pathfinder, some are recognised as 3D models and some as 2D floorplans, however all are flat. This is where my problems arise, as the imported files don't seem to have much floor area that I could click to extract the geometry, instead, the architect has created floorspace in certain areas and left blank space in others. Does this mean I will have to draw in my own floors using the 'create rooms' tools? Is there any way to do this quickly and accurately?
Secondly, is there an option to extract all of the geometry that you imported, as they are very detailed .dwg files so it's quite hard to individually click each segment of floorspace.
Additionally, I've been converting the 3D BIM models to .dwg but these also don't have floor space. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can pass on some of the .dwg files if you want.


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