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Pathfinder / Add a Background image...
« on: January 22, 2009, 02:24:06 am »

I've tried to add a background image (pathfinder 2009), but the image is added in the x-y plane, i.e. at the floor level.
I'd like to add an image in the x-z or y-z plane, like a wall picture or a landscape picture (for example if I have a glazed wall and I can see the outer landscape).

Is this operation possible?
I was not able to do it.

Best regards,

Pathfinder / Re: Create movie...
« on: January 15, 2009, 03:02:13 am »
In fact I've tried all the Pathfinder default list of compressors, and I've found problems from time to time, selecting a different compressor at every turn, up to find the right compressor (or up to start the movie creation without compressiojn).

I'll try to download and to use the Xvid codec.

Many thanks,

Pathfinder / Error in Behemoth.exe
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:54:33 am »
Sorry, I can't send you a screen shot of the shell window because today I'm working in my office (Venice), but I've found the Behemoth problems when I was working in another office (head office).

In the head office, I've tried to work with two PC, but I think the problem may be the video card (the same for both).
It may be problems when the video card couldn't support the Behemoth requirement. Could it be?

(In fact, I've found difficulties also when I tried to visualize FDS results with Smokeview...Smokeview started correctly, but the pictures were low quality pictures...)

Do you think about it?

Many thanks,

Pathfinder / Create movie...
« on: January 14, 2009, 02:23:07 am »

I've tried to save a movie to have a ".avi" file to visualize the evacuation calculation results.
Sometimes, the compressor tool not work.

Does this depend on what?


Pathfinder / Re: Error in Behemoth.exe
« on: January 14, 2009, 02:12:54 am »
I don't remember exactly what the error message says because yersterday I was in another office and I was trying to work on a notebook (first) and then on a PC. Behemoth didn't start on both...

The error message was more or less: The program is meeting unexpected problems and it will close.

Today, in my office, where I usually work,  Pathfinder and Behemoth start correctly...
I don't konw what the problem was... 

Anyway, thanks.

Pathfinder / Error in Behemoth.exe
« on: January 13, 2009, 03:38:55 am »

I'm using Pathfinder since october, end now I've refreshed the file Pathfinder beta version licence, according to yours instructions, sent me by mail.
Unfortunately, Pathfinder start correctly, but when I'd like to visualize the calculation results, the program Behemoth.exe start, but suddenly it appears a message of error and the program shut off.

 I can't visualize the graphic results of my calculation.

It's a problem of the new licence or it's a problem of my PC?

Many thanks,

Pathfinder / Re: Edit profiles...
« on: November 26, 2008, 11:39:52 am »
Yes, the first time you get the same result as me...but next times, if I click on the "Edit" button (on the "Edit profiles" box), the "Std. Dev" value is not 0.3 but 0.9 (= avg value); after then, I did nothing, but Pathfinder modified the "Std. Dev" value.

In other words, when I type the 4 values (Min, Max, Avg, Std.Dev) and I click OK, Pathfinder define a type of people with my values, but if I want to modify 1 value (max speed), I have to click on "Edit..." button and I type the new max speed value
I have to type the Std.Dev value too, otherwise it's change, and it's like avg value.


I type


Pathfinder record:


After, I want to change the v_max value, then I click on the Edit button and type 1.3 in the v_max field, the I click OK.

Pathfinder record now:

v_max=1.3  (value modified by me)
st_dev=0.9 (= v_mean, NOT 0.1)

Every time I want to change a value, I have to remember to re-type the right st_dev value too.......

Pathfinder / Edit profiles...
« on: November 26, 2008, 09:10:18 am »

I was trying to simulate the egress from a two-story building, using Pathfinder.
I need to characterize different types of people: elderly, children, male and female.

When I modified the speed field, in the Edit profiles box, I selected "Std Normal" distribution and I typed:

0.6 m/s in the "Min" field;
1.2 m/s in the "Max" field;
0.9 m/s in the "Avg" field;
0.3 m/s in the "Std. Dev" field;

then, I clicked OK.
However, the "Std. Dev" value recorded by Pathfinder is not 0.3 m/s but 0.9 m/s, that is the "Avg" value.

I have tried many times, (changing box, changing values, etc.), but the problem is the same...

Can you help me?

Many thanks,

Pathfinder / Re: stair problem
« on: November 14, 2008, 04:40:00 am »

regarding the stair problems, I have found some difficulties when I try to use the "one-point stair tool".
I have tried to simulate the "stairwell example", by the PathFinder Example Guide.

Adding the stairs using "one-point stair tool", I have created the second flight of stairs. Since the tread and the rise of that stairs was both irrational numbers, the upper stair edge and the landing enge do not overlap.

Then, the simulation results showed:

- the people on the upper floor don't evacuate because they have no exits (the only exit would be the stair, but there is a little space between the upper landing and the stair);

- due to the little space next to the upper stair edge, this was considered like a exit and, then, some people on the second floor evacuated not going down but going up.

Visually, I don't see the little space, since it is very very small; I have solved the problem b deleting the second flight of stairs and using the "two-points stair tool" to recreate it.

Where Did I make a mistake?
Is there a way to overlap the edges automatically, when I'm not sure that they overlap perfectly?



Pathfinder / Re: Error: Pathfinder is not Licensed and will close
« on: November 12, 2008, 02:12:21 am »

I'm using Windows XP...
Thanks for your information, I have found a solution.

The problem was the follow:

the licence file pathfinder_beta.lic was in the "C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDati applicazionipathfinderlicense" folder, but the program found the licence file in another place, that is

"C:Documents and settingsAll UsersApplication Datapathfinderlicense" folder
I have copied the "licence" folder (with the file pathfinder_beta.lic inside) in the right place and now, the program work.

Many thanks,

Pathfinder / Error: Pathfinder is not Licensed and will close
« on: November 11, 2008, 08:00:21 am »

I have downloaded the files:


I have tried to install Pathfinder II (beta) on my PC (windows XP), using before "pathfinder_20080909.exe" and after "pathfinder_20080710.exe"; the installation is ok, there are no problems. But, when I launch the program, the message "Pathfinder is not Licensed and will close" appear on the desktop and, consequently, it's only permitted to click on button "ok": then, the program shut.

Can you help me?


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