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PyroSim / Since Runescape appears to be dead
« on: October 30, 2021, 12:10:49 am »

Since Runescape appears to OSRS GP be dead, what can Jagex have done to help Runescape to continue its longevity? From my point of view, I don't think such a popular game could have been as bad a hit.

My personal opinion is that the shift from simple abilities to more complex and difficult to master tasks was a poor choice. Dungeoneering, as I practiced it, never felt like a practical ability that could be used outside of my area. The ability to summon was, at the very least, possible in most locations.

Their graphic design focus did not work. They missed huge opportunities. (Elf city? Their quest system is actually one of my favorite MMOs however I'm not seeing much released recently. Perhaps I'm unhappy, but I feel like Runescape certainly could be going strong if they'd taken a different path.

They kept doing things that led to division within the fanbase instead of listening and making compromises. EoC is one example. Although it gave them the ability to do things that they had previously not done, it was a big loss for their playerbase. EoC could be better than the other options however is it worth the loss of so many players? I do not believe that way. They could have averted hundreds of thousands more members being canceled by being more open to compromise.

They have also been taking advantage of Runescape players to fund several flops. The money they have was spent on Stellar Dawn and Thirdscape, Mechscape, Thirdscape, a series of no-cost iPhone games, as well as the enormous fee to license the Transformers brand, as well as the mountainous amount of cash that was used to create the Transformers game, has been paid by Runescape players.

Other flops from Jagex (8 Realms & Funorb), however, were OSRS gold not as disappointing. While Jagex's other flops (8 realms, funorb, etc.) might have generated some money, it is unlikely that it was enough to pay for the development costs of these games, so we subsidized the development costs of those games too. Runescape is devoid of quests as developers are working on other games which will never be played.

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