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Pathfinder / model.txt Output Syntax
« on: February 08, 2021, 09:59:35 pm »
I'm trying to process information from the model.txt file that gets generated during a simulation to post-process some information. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out which room names in model_rooms.cvs are on which floor, but I'd like to look into other post-processing insights as well.

This file does not appear to be documented in the user guides. Would it be possible to get the names of the parameters exported for each section?

Additionally, would it be possible in future versions to make the records either comma-separated or consistently separated? For example, in the section below, I suspect that the parameters to boundary are aligned with the last two parameters of exit_door and the double space makes it easy enough to parse, however the multiple spaces after door make processing slightly challenging.

0: boundary  2352 2353
1: boundary  2352 3083
2: boundary  2353 2354
3: exit_door 377 2351 3083
15: door      300 1385 1386
16: boundary  1386 1472

Pathfinder / Feature Requests
« on: July 26, 2019, 02:11:57 pm »
1. Show occupant counts in groups like Pyrosim shows cells in a mesh.

I know I can select an occupant group and it will tell me how many occupants are within that group, but I would like to be able to quickly glance to make sure occupant loading on each floor is what I expect it to be. I tend to group occupants into floors and then rooms/areas. If the numbers were presented right there, it would make comparing to occupancy calcs much simpler.

2. Allow rooms to be grouped aside from just what floor they are located in.

I do like how rooms are sorted into their respective floors. However, I would also like to be able to group items into groups that are not dependent on floors. For example, I would like to create a group for each stairwell. If I need to update the width for all the stair elements in a given stairwell, it would be nice to have them all under one group rather than having to go by each floor.

3. Add a visual indicator on the Run Simulation dialog box to indicate that the simulation is running or complete.

Sometimes, I do not want the results to show when the simulation is finished. I have the check box deselected. Due to this, I would often fail to realize that the simulation had completed running for a few minutes. It would be useful if there was a visual (or audible) cue that would catch your attention once complete. I'd suggest a faint yellow or gray square while the simulation is running, and then replace it with a bright green circle once the simulation is completed.

4. Negate conflicts with disabled occupants.

If I want to change the occupant loading for a moment to see how it would affect the results, I would disable a group of occupants and then add new ones (which could be deleted later). I noticed in a crowded assembly space that I had a lot of errors due to enabled occupants clashing with disabled occupants.

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