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Title: NEW Pathfinder evacuation simulator and PyroSim summer sale
Post by: Charlie Thornton on July 07, 2009, 10:07:40 am
(email announcement, sent 7/7/2009)


Pathfinder 2009 is a new simulator for pedestrian movement and evacuation modeling.  You can easily explore conservative and optimistic bounds on expected evacuation times using either an agent-based movement model based on current computer science research or calculations based on the SFPE Handbook. Existing DXF, FDS, or PyroSim files can be quickly converted into evacuation models using Pathfinder's innovative floor extraction tool. Pathfinder will impress clients with high-quality human models, movement trails, floor layouts, and other powerful 3D visualization techniques. More information about Pathfinder 2009 and a 30-day trial is available at:


Through August 31, PyroSim can be purchased at 15% off the list price. You can download a trial version of PyroSim at:


We also have online discussion forums for both PyroSim and Pathfinder.  The forums are a great place to interact with other members of the fire modeling community as well as find technical support information.  The forums are on the web at:

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