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Title: Increasing temperature reached by the burner
Post by: Ldvc96 on July 21, 2022, 08:22:56 am
hi everyone,
I hope someone will come to my aid. I'm studyind the evolution of a fire on the facades of building of great heigh.

The fire starts inside a room and it should expand to the facade throgh an oper window. The facade, from the inside to the outside, has a layer of concrete, one middle layer of PIR and a thin layer of aluminium. What I'm trying to do is to reach the ignition temperature for PIR wich should be around 400°C.

Speaking about the HRR curve used for the burner I tryed two ways:
  - HRR of a office workstation took from Handbook SFPE
  - defaulf HRR curve gived by italian standards for civil activities
 (attached on the bottom)

In both cases the maxim temperature reached is only around 250°C which is not enough.

Can anyone give me any suggestion on what to change? Thank you