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Title: Difficulties placing occupants in theatre rows
Post by: Matthias_FESG on July 17, 2020, 03:32:18 am

I'm modelling a theatre with small rows in between the seats.
In between the rows of seats I'm drawing floors using the polygon tool as the rows bend a little bit.
When I then want to place my occupants on those floors problems occur.

When I add the occupants to a certain floor it does not want to place them evenly over the floor, I tried both uniform and random placement, both resulting in the result as shown in the picture attached. Also, I'm not able to add all occupants to a certain floor as there is overlap. I increased the floor width to 60 cm and with the default occupant diameter (45.58 cm) it is not possible to add all occupants.

When I decrease the diameter of my occupants the software is able to fit them into the row (still not uniform though), so it is clear that the problem is related to the size of the occupants vs the size of the floor. But why does this problem occur? With a floor width of 60 cm and occupant width of 45.6 cm, should it not be able to fit the floor?