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Title: [PLEASE HELP]Pyrosim takes forever to open a file
Post by: YT on October 07, 2019, 01:01:24 am
I'm a new user in PyroSim. The first project I've done apparently gives me huge trouble.
I've experienced 3 times that I can not open my working file after I saved closed it the day before. Then, I have to redo everything that I've done.  :(
I can not find out why it is like this, hereby I will describe a bit my situation below, hope someone could help me out:
     I modeled a construction in Revit and exported as IFC-file, then the file was imported into PyroSim. Right now, the file only contains mesh, reactions, surfaces, devices (smoke detectors, thermal
     couples, radiative heat flux), controls with smoke detectors (open skylights when smoke detectors are activated). The overall mesh cells are under 1.5 million. I created the opening in the
     skylights by using the 'new hole' function, which I still have doubts about if I've chosen the right function to create openings.
The file is 173,214 KB, but it takes around 30 minutes to open, and every command I gave, it will take over minutes to react.
Is it because I've done anything wrong? or it's the PyroSim software? (As I've checked with the IT department, they've proven that the PC is powerful enough to run PyroSim)
If anybody has any idea, please help and comment below. Thank you in advance!
Title: Re: [PLEASE HELP]Pyrosim takes forever to open a file
Post by: rjsteele509 on October 26, 2019, 11:14:49 am
YT, although I am nowhere near a power user, I may be able to helps as I had a similar problem early on.  The problem I ran into was the size/complexity of the mesh.  If you are willing to share the file, I may be able to assist by adjusting some of the parameters and sending it back to you.  Just let me know.