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Title: Assisted evacuation - wheelchairs
Post by: lesbaert on September 26, 2016, 06:55:32 am

I'm working on a model of a new high rise building accommodating a healthcare facility for ambulant therapeutic treatment of people with physical disabilities.
Any suggestions to define properly the profile for assisted evacuation of people in wheelchairs or assisted evacuation of people with crutches?

Title: Re: Assisted evacuation - wheelchairs
Post by: Charlie Thornton on September 26, 2016, 09:13:36 am
With the current version of Pathfinder, I think the best I can do is link you information from Grazia Carbotti's presentation from FEMTC 2014: "Egress from a Hospital Ward: A Case Study". (

Currently we are testing an upcoming release of Pathfinder which includes features for assisted evac. Please contact if you are interested in evaluating the assisted evac features shown in this preview post from July: (

It would help us a lot to have people use it before the release and give us feedback to improve the feature for everybody. The down side is that until we release it should be used for evaluation and feedback only and should not be used for an actual analysis since it hasn't completed our quality assurance process.