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Title: Pathfinder Beta Release Announcement
Post by: Charlie Thornton on July 09, 2008, 02:46:32 pm
Pathfinder is now available for beta testing.

Thunderhead Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of our new evacuation modeling software for open beta testing.  Pathfinder is an agent based egress and human movement simulator. It provides a graphical user interface for simulation design and execution as well as a 3D visualization tool for results analysis.

Individuals interested in beta testing the software can download the current version from the Pathfinder web page at: (

Documentation and videos are also available on the Pathfinder page.

If you choose to participate in the beta testing process, we ask that you share your experience with us and other users on the Pathfinder forum at:,2.0.html (,2.0.html)

Thank you,
The Pathfinder Team

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