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Title: Thickness of the obstruction
Post by: Marcin_K on July 16, 2012, 06:04:51 am

I have very easy problem but unfortunately I can not find any staright infrmation how to solve it very quickly

I am moddeling car park

In the middle of my object there is staircase with wall 18cm concrete and 7 cm gypsum board
I have a mesh 0,15x0,15x01,5

What is the best idea how to create the most appropriate model?
1. Put 15 cm wall obstruction with surface concrete and then 15 cm obst with gypsum
2. Put 30 cm wall obstr with concrete ?

3. Put 30 cm wall obstruction and definie the surface which has 18 cm concrete and 7 gypsum?

What is the most common and gives me the lowest mistake percent